At Sui Generis, we have the answers.

We get it. Law school makes us all question ourselves.



Why do my grades not match my effort?

Why is law school so difficult?

Am I really meant to be a lawyer?

How can I go from good to great so that I can earn the opportunity I really want?

We teach you to analyze and write like your career in law depended upon it. Because it does.

All you need is 10 hours or less and a commitment to improve to transform into an exceptional law student who can compete for A’s and the job you want. 

We set the bar high for ourselves and for you. If you read and watch our testimonials, you’ll see we deliver.

We do so by providing everything you need to excel on exams—strategies for mastering the law, a system for taking hypo-based exams, tools for developing your analytical and writing skills, and individual feedback on practice exercises.


If you want a customized daily study plan to know you’re on the right track from the start;

If you want to devote a small part of your week to get the support and skills you need to make the most of law school;


If you want the personal attention of one-on-one coaching;

If you want to be confident heading into exams;


If you want to build a network of peers at different law schools;

You’ve come to the right place.


Sui Generis
Sui Generis

The Research

Legal analysis and legal writing drive your success in law school and beyond.

If you want to improve your performance on law school exams or to accelerate your career, you need to become exceptional in legal analysis and legal writing.


Becoming skilled in legal analysis and writing is challenging and many students require more personalized training and attention than law school provides. That's why we're here. 


We’ve created the program that law students wished they had—because they told us! 


We draw upon experience taking law school and bar exams, training junior attorneys, teaching and grading law students, and we embrace the science behind optimizing achievement. 

Our name means unique. Your unique learning style will benefit from our specialized training as we focus on the most important skills you’ll need as both a successful law student and lawyer. 
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The Program


  1. You’ll find our live experiential course on Zoom to be FUN, PRACTICAL, and TRANSFORMATIONAL. No other program invests the time and personal attention you need to reach your full potential. The course started on February 13 and meets Saturday at 10:30 AM EST for 10 weeks. Each class is recorded so students who enroll after the start can quickly catch up. 

  2. You’ll look at things differently. Our proprietary exam-taking system will change how you approach law school and bar exams.

  3. You’ll do things differently. Our advanced legal analysis and writing techniques give you the skills desired by employers and will improve your future opportunities.

  4. You will develop your skills through practical exercises, including mock exams, that we critique. This is proven to be the most effective way to improve. Plus, experience tells us that you’ll love the personal feedback.

  5. You’ll be especially motivated to ‘cross the finish line. We reward participation with points to encourage friendly competition and award bonuses and money back for outstanding participation. 

  6. You will benefit by being part of an important new community. A community that is based on supporting each other and developing your professional network with future lawyers NOW—sources of support, referrals, recommendations, and connections—that you can turn to throughout your career. For example, your Sui Gen classmate’s firm may be conflicted out of a case that they could refer to you or you’ll need to hire local counsel in a state where you aren’t barred and can recommend your Sui Gen classmate. 

  7. You’ll love our Zoom Happy Hours – at the start of the course and the topical happy hours throughout the semester as voted on by students (interviewing, excelling at interning, planning your law school education, etc.). 

You know grades all too well. And 100% is not too shabby.


100% of our students would recommend us to a fellow law student.  100% of students said that no other resource prepared them for exams like Sui Generis.      


And yes, students’ confidence in their study plans increased more than 100% and their legal analysis and writing skills on exams increased 196%. Equally important, stress decreased by almost 40%


Sui Generis
Our students tell our story way better than we ever could.

  • “The benefits of this program cannot be overstated.” 

  • “First, the Sui Generis system gave me an easy to remember framework for attacking hypos in a methodical way. Second, it greatly reduced the ‘intimidation factor’ of law school exams.”

  • “I am 100 percent positive that I would not have been nearly as prepared for finals without Sui Gen.”

  • “I was able to walk into my first real law school exam knowing that I had already taken a bunch of mock exams under timed conditions and had received constructive feedback from a real law professor. On exam day I just felt calm because I knew I had been here before.”

  • “I pretty much learned how to take exams entirely from this program. It took a big stressor away from my first year and I really appreciate that.”

  • “This program gives you the practice to develop your exam-taking skills that you don’t get in law school. By committing 30 minutes of time each week to practice dissecting facts, avoiding red herrings, engaging in legal analysis, and writing responses, I had a game plan that I had practiced and was prepared to implement regardless of the topic.”

  • "Professor Haimes is an excellent and engaging instructor who returns excellent feedback through prompt responses and much availability for one-on-one meetings. In being a first-generation law student with no background in legal studies, I am so thankful to have met Professor Haimes and enrolled in Sui Generis to help orient my way in my first year of law school."

Don’t get caught on the outside looking in.

You don’t get a do-over in law school. Because of the personal attention we invest in you, we cap overall enrollment in our programs and limit the number of students we will enroll from each law school to minimize competition among our students on the law school curve. 

Online Class
We’ve got the program that works best for you. 
And your budget. 

  • Our flagship TOGETHER and PARTNER programs are interactive, live programs teaching advanced legal analysis and writing that will serve you well on exams and in your internships. Don’t worry—each session is recorded for further review or if you miss a session.

  • You will work collaboratively with fellow students and a law professor who has graded exams and devoted more than 20,000 hours to legal analysis and writing in private practice at some of the top firms in the country.  

  • Each program is designed with your time in mind and requires 60-75 minutes total each week if you choose to complete each of the mock exercises—far less time if you do not. 

  • If you put in the work, we GUARANTEE that you’ll beat the law school curve.

Pay over time with Affirm*
  • Participate in a live, interactive 10-week program via Zoom taught by your personal professor. 

  • Master advanced legal analysis and writing concepts in a collaborative environment with fellow students and your personal professor.

  • Create a custom study plan with your personal professor in a one-on-one session.

  • Implement strategies for mastering the law.

  • Master the Sui Generis System for excelling on exams. 

  • Participate in six mock exercises on practical legal writing (e-mail, memo, and brief) and law school exams, three of which are individually critiqued.

  • Enjoy access to multiple Happy Hours with fellow Sui Gen students, which provide an extraordinary opportunity to network and learn valuable content. 

  • Gain access to a private Facebook group restricted to Sui Generis students and alumni.

  • Get participation points that qualify you for awards, including bonus content and money back. 

  • Earn a Sui Generis Advanced Legal Analysis and Legal Writing Certificate for completing the program.

Module 1: See it
  • Week 1: Mastering the Law

    • One-on-one coaching: Meet with your Sui Gen professor and create a custom study plan that prioritizes the most valuable activities, budgets time for the program, and carves out free time for yourself.

  • Week 2: The Sui Generis System for taking legal exams

  • Week 3: Advanced legal analysis

  • Week 4: Advanced legal writing

Module 2: Do it


  • Weeks 5-10: Alternating mock exercises on short practical legal writing and law school exams. After working on them individually, you'll review them on our live lessons first with a fellow Sui Gen student and then with your professor.


PARTNERS ($1495)

Pay over time with Affirm*

  • Everything included in TOGETHER plus...

  • One-on-one monthly meetings with your personal professor (30 minutes each) to discuss topics of your choice (e.g., the program, legal writing, law school assignments, bluebooking, summer employment)

  • All mock exercises (6 total) individually critiqued



Pay over time with Affirm*

  • Everything included in PARTNERS plus...

  • One-on-one weekly meetings with your personal professor (30 minutes each) to discuss topics of your choice (e.g., the program, legal writing, law school assignments, bluebooking, summer employment)


RUN SOLO ($495)

Pay over time with Affirm*

  • Master the law and the proprietary Sui Generis system for excelling on exams. 

  • On-demand programming with 9 lessons, including access to six mock exams, a guided review of model answers to each (e.g.,  why we made certain strategic decisions, arguments to make and to avoid) and copies of model answers—all available the moment you enroll. Depending on how many mock exams you take/review, the program can be completed in 2-9 hours.






Strength in legal analysis and writing is the best predictor of academic success in law school, which is the strongest predictor of career success as a lawyer. Other programs focus on teaching you 1L doctrinal law. We focus on the skills necessary to succeed in law school, on the bar exam, and in your career.

  • Most law firms have GPA cutoffs and will not interview a candidate unless they meet the minimum GPA requirement.

  • Sixty percent of associates at large firms reported that their grades were more important than their law school’s prestige in achieving their first position. 

  • Lawyers who leave law school with the lowest grades intuitively feel the least secure about their jobs.


Your grades will play a huge part in your starting salary and the quality of opportunities you get.

  • Private practice salaries for new law school graduates vary greatly, ranging from a low of $50,000 to a high of $190,00—a difference of $140,000.

  • Among new graduates, fewer than 1-in-4 say their legal education was worth the financial cost. Good grades give you the advantage you need to compete for those desirable positions that justify your investment in a law degree.  



Good grades are your weapon for attacking law school debt by securing more lucrative employment or public interest jobs that qualify for loan forgiveness, and getting or keeping scholarships.  

  • The average cumulative debt among law school graduates approaches $160,000. 

  • More than 28% of conditional scholarship recipients failed to maintain the requisite GPA and had their scholarship award reduced or eliminated entirely.

  • Even students that didn’t receive a scholarship as a 1L can use 1L grades to earn a significant “retention” scholarship during their second- and third-year.


If you're ready to be a different law studentmore confident, less stressed, better prepared, highly skilledjoin us.


Law school is an expensive investment in your future. For less than 1% of that total, leverage us to make it an investment that pays off for you.


Act now before the limited slots fill up.

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