What makes Sui Generis different?

Our name means unique. We chose this name because we wanted to create a unique resource and environment for law students that they couldn't find anywhere else. We are unique in several ways: First, we prefer developing meaningful relationships with our students. As an example, within the first week of enrolling, we’ll schedule a time to get to know you and your law school and career goals. Second, we focus on teaching you the skills that law schools either don’t teach or don’t emphasize, for example, how to excel on law school exams and how to succeed as a summer intern. Third, while we focus a lot on helping you achieve your academic goals, we know grades aren’t everything, so we also focus on helping you achieve your professional goals by exposing you to different legal careers, strategies for applying to internships and jobs, and ways to effectively market yourself to legal employers. In short, we’ve been where you are and have created the content and environment we wished we had had when we were in law school.

How does Sui Generis Work?

We offer a variety of educational and professional content to law students. We deliver our content in three ways: (1) experiential group programs held live on Zoom; (2) on-demand video content that can be accessed at any time; and (3) one-on-one coaching. Other than our one-on-one option, all of our content is available through a monthly subscription of $59.97. Everyone who signs up starts with a free 3 day trial and you can cancel anytime within that window at no charge. After your free trial ends, you can cancel anytime. From the time you enroll, you’ll have access to our calendar of live programming, AMAs, and Practitioner Q&A sessions. You’ll also have access to our library of on-demand content, which is regularly updated to provide helpful content for law students, timed to coincide to where students are in the semester and in the school year.

How much does it cost?

Our subscription service is $59.97/month and our one-on-one coaching is $250/hr.

Who will I be meeting with/learning from?

The courses and one-on-one coaching sessions are with Robert Haimes, who has experience as a law student, lawyer, and law professor. Check out the “About” page for more information.

Will Sui Generis help me as a 2L/3L?

Absolutely! The courses contain content relevant to any law student as it explores skills such as legal analysis, legal writing, and exam taking, which will help you in law school, in internships, on the bar exam, and as a lawyer. Even if you’ve already watched some of our on-demand content, which is constantly being updated, it’s worth keeping your subscription for the regular AMA sessions, Practitioner Q&As, and events.

Why Sui Generis?

We think the testimonials speak for themselves. Students’ legal analysis and writing skills on exams increased 196%, stress decreased 40%, and 100% of students would recommend us to a fellow law student. Watch some videos created by law students on our Testimonials page.

What kinds of success have your students achieved?

We are proud of the accomplishments of our students, who regularly credit us for their success. For example, students have gotten a 4.0 GPA, ranked in the top 10% of their class, gone from a B- to an A in legal writing and received a writing award, joined an academic honors society, written onto moot court, landed prestigious clerking and internship opportunities, and gained admission as transfers to significantly higher-ranked schools.

What is a Sui Generis Ambassador?

We are looking for current 2Ls and 3Ls to mentor younger law students and promote Sui Generis as a helpful resource. Check out our Ambassador page for more information or to apply!