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A unique scholarship program for diverse law students​


Elevate supports students from historically underrepresented backgrounds to succeed academically, form meaningful connections, and thrive professionally. Through our live weekly modules and on-demand content, our students have a partner to guide, teach, and support them through each step of 1L.

Succeed Academically


Our students have excelled academically, including making Law Review and finishing at the top of their class. They’ve achieved these results by knowing how to attack each law school class and by developing the legal analysis and writing skills critical for law school success. 

Form Meaningful Connections


Although law school will never be easy, our students report that their stress decreased by 40% after joining our program. Our students follow a 5-step plan for success and they practice developing their lawyering skills in a supportive environment where they learn from each other and receive individual attention.


Thrive Professionally


We help students develop their professional networks, identify the right opportunities, prepare their application materials, and excel in interviews. Our students have obtained highly competitive positions, including at some of the largest law firms in the country, government agencies, and trial and appellate courts. 

It's been proven that diverse teams are more successful teams. We believe that by strengthening the skills of law students from a variety of backgrounds, our students will drive the legal profession into a brighter future. 


That future can start today. We invite you to apply for an Elevate scholarship by following the directions below. 

LAw Student 4.jpeg


We train students on the skills that have the greatest impact on success in law school and provide detailed feedback on practical exercises


“I cannot recommend Elevate enough to you as a law student. It is an absolutely incredible experience, the work is 100% worth it, and you will thank yourself, like I thank myself, for taking the course when you are done.”



Students have gotten a 4.0 GPA, made Law Review, ranked in the top 10% of their class, improved from a B- to an A in legal writing, and landed prestigious judicial clerkships and professional internships

For Sponsors


By partnering with us, you make it possible for one or more diverse students to get full access to our extensive offerings, including our on-demand content, live lessons, and small group and individual training sessions. 

Want to do more?​ Our students want to learn from professionals like you. Give an hour of your time as a guest speaker to educate them about your career, or have members of your team volunteer as mentors either individually or partner with a client to jointly mentor a student.​

For Students


We are looking for diverse students committed to learning and developing the skills necessary to succeed in law school and beyond. Whether you're part of a historically underrepresented group, for example, by virtue of your race, gender, sexual orientation, or socioeconomic background, we invite you to apply.  

How to apply:


Send us your undergraduate transcript and resume to Please include in your email where you're attending law school.

Now accepting applications for our 2023-2024 class. 

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