Is Law School Right for Me Right Now?



In this assessment, you’ll receive a score based on how carefully you’ve considered one of the most important decisions of your life. For each statement that follows, assign a consideration score from
0 (not at all) to 5 (extensively).


This assessment is designed to tell you whether you've sufficiently considered the various factors that bear on your decision of whether to attend law school. Depending on where you score based on the ranges below, you'll know either that you're making a well-informed decision or you'll know what steps to take to gain additional insight into whether law school is right for you right now.


Your Results:


Score Range






You haven’t thoroughly considered various factors that are relevant when deciding whether to attend law school.




You have considered some of the factors relevant to your decision about attending law school. Before investing a large amount of time and money to attend law school, we recommend doing further research so you are making a fully informed decision.




You’ve thoroughly researched your decision. Now it’s up to you to review the results of your research and decide whether law school is right for you right now. It’s a big decision, so if you’d like to talk through options with us, we’re available.

If you scored lower than you had hoped, that’s okay!

The assessment guides you on the steps you need to take to improve your score. Also, it may just be that law school isn’t right for you right now, in which case you may benefit from working for a bit before revisiting whether to apply. As an added benefit, many law schools look favorably on law students who work after graduating college.

Want to learn more about your score?


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Review our Undergraduates page, which has helpful information about applying to law school.

Still unsure? Schedule a free call with us to talk about your decision. 

White Sands
Professor Haimes is an excellent and engaging instructor who returns excellent feedback through prompt responses and much availability for one-on-one meetings. In being a first-generation law student with no background in legal studies, I am so thankful to have met Professor Haimes and enrolled in Sui Generis to help orient my way in my first year of law school."