Law School Success. It's What We Do.

Teaching, Advising, and Mentoring Current and Future Law Students to School and Career Success


How We Do It

Law school is a competitive and stressful environment. We help students just like you beat the law school curve and have a better experience by teaching the skills you won’t learn in law school. We teach you how to:


  • Study smarter, not harder

  • Create a custom study plan based on learning science

  • Take law school exams through our proprietary system, which goes into the science and art of taking hypo-based exams

  • Develop legal writing skills, which have been shown to have the greatest impact on academic success 

  • Understand what professors are looking for with our graded mock exams

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Don’t take our word for it, listen to fellow law students.


100% of our students would recommend us to a fellow law student.  100% of students said that no other resource prepared them for exams like Sui Generis.      


And yes, students’ confidence in their study plans increased more than 100% and their legal analysis and writing skills on exams increased 196%. Equally important, stress decreased by almost 40%


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  • “With the help of the program I actually overcame the law school curve and learned how to tackle exams.”

  • “This program has not only helped me in regards to my academics, but as well as my internships, my career path, and just everyday advice.”

  • “Rob gives you detailed and actionable feedback; things that you can do to improve throughout the semester so that when you get to the actual exam, you feel like you’ve seen this before and you’re ready to go.”

  • “Do yourself a favor, sign up for the program, and you’re gonna do great on your exams.” 

  • “Working with the Sui Generis program gave me the confidence and understanding I needed as a new law student.” 

  • “With Sui Generis, I was able to learn, practice, and become confident in a methodical way to work through various fact patterns using different aspects of the law that I was able to formulate a structured, concise answer, and that really showed through on my finals.” 

  • “Sui Generis has made me become a better legal writer, and that’s a skill that we as law students and eventual lawyers are going to need and continue to build upon throughout our careers.” 

  • “I highly recommend Rob Haimes to anyone looking for help finding internships and post-graduate employment. Mr. Haimes provided more substantive feedback on my application material than I received from the career center at my law school.” 

  • “Mr. Haimes has experience and expertise that are of great use to any law student and I now feel significantly more confident entering the job market upon graduation.” 


Our Goal For You

Success means many things to us:

  • You beating the law school curve so your grades open doors for you

  • You knowing how to play the law school game so you don't fall prey to the stress, uncertainty, and wasted effort that derail many students

  • You understanding how legal hiring works and positioning yourself as an attractive candidate to employers

  • You gaining exposure to lawyers who practice different types of law so you can start narrowing down your ideal practice area

  • You creating a network of students at different law schools who can help support each other during and after law school

Still in college? Visit our Undergrad page to access tools and resources on applying to and preparing for law school or jump directly to the

“Is Law School Right for Me Right Now?” assessment.

Our name means unique. There is no one like us who will get to know you, who will teach, guide, and mentor you, and who will get you on the right path for the legal career you want. 
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How We Support You


We offer a monthly subscription and one-on-one coaching. 


For only $59.97 a month, you’ll get access to our on-demand and live programming, including:

  • Start Strong, our 0L program that provides you with everything you need to hit the ground running on Day 1 of law schoolS

  • Law School Success program, our Fall program that teaches you the study and exam-taking skills you won’t learn in law school

  • Employment Bootcamp, in which we work together over winter break to strategize where to apply for summer positions and how to distinguish yourself

  • Spring Forward program, our Spring program that teaches you advanced legal analysis and writing concepts so that you can finish the year on a high note and be well prepared for your summer position


In addition, you get access to:

  • Regular AMA (Ask Me Anything) sessions with a law professor and legal hiring expert

  • Virtual happy hours to network with students from other law schools

  • Guest speakers that will educate you about the practice of law


We offer all of this content live and on demand. No one else is willing to invest the time to offer live content, but we do because we genuinely enjoy working with students and seeing their progress firsthand. 


With one-on-one coaching, you can tailor your experience, including individual feedback on mock exercises, custom study schedules, and resume and cover letter support. 


And, if you’d like us to help you reach your career goals, sign up for a free strategy call or Enroll today.

Join our devoted following of students who credit Sui Generis for their success in law school. You have nothing to lose (you can just cancel your subscription) and a lot to gain.